Get the public’s eyes and ears on your message

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Publicity/Reputation Management

What you say about yourself, that’s advertising. What other people say about you, that’s public relations; it is your reputation. If you ignore PR, you’re giving up control of your identity.

1Block will get you in the conversations that matter and guide you in public interactions that bring life to your business or cause. Matt Merritt, owner of 1Block, has worked with local, regional and national outlets in every geographic area of the country over his 10 years in public relations. He has worked on company and industry issues and targeted audiences including consumers, businesses and politicians. Services include

  • Mission and vision: Focus on the key messages that define you.

  • Media: Find your niche in the news cycle.

  • Grassroots coordination: Find your fans, and let them spread the word.

  • Materials development and distribution

    • Press releases

    • Talking points

    • Images and graphics

    • Social media

  • Public events: Hold a press conference, host a thought-leadership lunch, organize a rally for your cause. 1Block will help you make an impact in your community.

  • Media training: Learn to stay calm under pressure and effectively get your point across to the media.


Content Creation

Matt Merritt started his career as a journalist, with experience as both a reporter and editor. He also has experience writing books, white papers, web content and more. 1Block puts those skills to use and will create and coordinate any projects you need, including

  • Blogs

  • Pamphlets and brochures

  • Web text

  • Internal communications

  • Speeches

  • Social media content

  • Articles

  • White papers and issue briefs

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Crisis Communications

1Block’s Matt Merritt worked in the agriculture and biofuels industries for most of his career, dealing with situations including accidents, personnel issues, legal matters, political affairs and more at locations across the Midwest and in national markets including Washington, D.C. 1Block Public Relations will help you put your best foot forward and deal with situations in a proactive, measured and compassionate way.

Services include

  • Crisis communications planning

  • Rapid response

  • Media monitoring

  • Brand rehabilitation

  • Crisis media training